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Ready to feel confident and at home in your body, clear and grounded in who you are, and empowered to make a meaningful contribution in the world?

My name is Jessie. I help ambitious women like you to create the inner alchemy, in mind and body, so you can…

Stop feeling so depleted and start feeling turned on, sensually alive, and creatively inspired.

Stop living on autopilot and start living with purpose and intention.

Stop overeating, overworking, and overspending to fill the void, and start cultivating a rich life of meaning, joy, and connection.

Stop hiding out, playing small, and holding yourself back…

And start showing up as the brilliant woman you are.

Problem is: you’ve been running in circles trying to figure out the perfect diet, business strategy, or self care regimen. But nothing’s sticking. And there’s still a painful gap between the woman and leader you sense within, and the way you’re currently showing up.

And you know, deep down, the outdated patterns that are hijacking your life won’t be solved by more strategy, another diet, or another grandiose plan.

To truly create the life you desire and make a meaningful impact with your unique brilliance, you have to start within.

If you’re ready to radiate soulful depth, authenticity, and aliveness, creating a world-changing impact from the inside out, it would be my absolute honor to support you.


Come home to your body and create a ripple of impact with your presence….

When we are checked out, numbed out, and disconnected from our deeper center, we chase after every glittery path and fruitless pursuit, we search frantically outside of ourselves for the answers, and we feel completely lost, overwhelmed & utterly confused - dried up of the aliveness, the passion, and the joy that makes life worth living.

In your business, embodiment is the animating life force that attracts clients and prosperity with ease; in your relationships this is the key to passion and intimacy, in your body, this is the lifeblood of radiant wellbeing and feminine vitality. If you are confused about your calling- feeling lost, ungrounded, and "not quite here", embodiment is the starting point and the way back home to a life that's on purpose and in service of your power, potential, and the good of the whole.  

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Free Playing Big Strategy Session

On this free coaching call we'll pinpoint the number one thing that is preventing you from showing up in your life as a courageous, radiant woman and leader, and craft a creative plan of practical action to overcome that obstacle and move towards your greatest aspirations. You’ll leave with a completed Playing Big game plan to feel clear and grounded as you move forward in inspired action.


Book a 30-Minute Playing Big Strategy Session. FOR FREE.

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