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Hey, I'm Jessie

As a Women’s Embodiment and Leadership Coach, I help service providers like you get more visible, craft clear messaging, and heal outdated patterns in order to create a fulfilling life while making a meaningful impact in the world (without burnout, fatigue, and overwhelm). 

Take a deep breath and imagine...

Moving through life using your own body wisdom as a compass for everything you do.

Feeling clear and certain on the direction to take your work, messaging and niche, and feeling confident pursuing the impact you want to make in the world.

Shifting into a place of authentic sharing, transparency and vulnerability -- and aligning your work with what you feel called to do.

And, most importantly, imagine having the permission to be on your journey even as you rise up in service of others.

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What Clients Are Saying

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Master Your Magnetic Message

Master Your Magnetic Message HOME-Study Course

In this course I'll walk you through my signature process to help you get crystal clear on your magnetic brand message in order to create a fulfilling and client-attracting business. This is the often-overlooked, but all important foundation for alignment and flow. When you are crystal clear on your core message, your business will magnetize your dream clients without push, force, and struggle - your tribe will find you. You'll feel confident, inspired and moved to share your message with the masses. And you'll know exactly how to communicate your unique value to the world.


Done-for-You Services

If you're feeling bogged down by your to-do list and want to release the burden of needing to do it all yourself, then done-for-you business support is just the thing you're looking for. Each month of done-for-you support includes one 60-minute call and 5 hours of small business support services.


Intimate Coaching

Deep inside, you know your life has been preparing you to make a unique and meaningful contribution in the world. You're ready to feel clear on your purpose, confident and at home in your body, connected to your feminine force, and empowered to create a meaningful impact. But right now you're disconnected from your deeper purpose, held back by imposter syndrome, and overwhelmed by all of the things you've been told you need to do to create a successful and thriving business. Together, we'll craft your magnetic messaging, hone your feminine leadership skills, and take aligned action so you can become more visible, confidently show up in the world, and forge profitable connections from a place of honoring your Self and owning your worth.

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