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For Ambitious Women Who Are Ready to Create Meaningful Change - Within Themselves And In The World.

Tired of feeling depleted, living on autopilot, and playing small? You’re in the right place, Love. I’m Jessie, and I’m here to help you awaken your vitality, tune into your inner wisdom and connect with your deeper purpose, so you can show up with confidence as the brilliant woman you were born to be. Because I believe that the woman who is alive and at home in her body, honoring her intrinsic worth, and living her values is magnetic. And from a place of connection to our power, illuminating from the inside out, we can truly show up to our relationships, work and life in a meaningful, world-changing way.


The 6 Pillars to Magnetic Leadership

The Soulful Woman's Roadmap To Transform Your Inner World As You Expand Into Purpose, Service + Impact


One-On-One Coaching

Ready to feel confident and at home in your body, clear and grounded in who you are, and empowered to make a meaningful contribution in the world?


Let’s Connect

Schedule your free 30 minute discovery call. Together we’ll get clear on the current struggles you’re facing, your deepest desires, and the hidden barriers that are keeping you from showing up as the brilliant woman you are. We’ll craft a step-by-step plan of action to get you moving in the direction of your deepest desires. If it feels like a fit, we will complete our time together by customizing a coaching program to fit your unique needs and desires.

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Meet Jessie

Master Nutrition Therapist, Yogi, and Transformational Life Coach

I weave ancient wisdom with modern science and psychology to support women leaders in realizing the potentials they sense for their life. Together we'll create a foundation of inner transformation for you to feel radiant, clear and grounded and show up with confidence as the brilliant woman you are.


Kind Words From Clients

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