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I’m Jessie. I help ambitious women who long for a life of deep connection and meaningful impact, but who are currently playing small, hiding out and holding themselves back. You may be numbing out, checking out, or trying to fill the void with overeating, drinking, overworking, or overspending. Or you may feel depleted, burnt out, and run down. Your body may even be starting to speak with symptoms like hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue, and digestive issues. And you may be ashamed of this nagging feeling of anxiety, dissatisfaction, and despair for something more.

Sister, these whisperings from your soul are an invitation to step into the life that is waiting for you.

And it would be my privilege to be your body and soul guide as you release what no longer serves you and claim that which is intended for you.

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I know from my own path to wellbeing and leadership and in helping women from all over the world, that the way we do one thing is the way we do everything. When we transform the way we show up with ourselves, our relationships become more fulfilling, we unlock the potential for authentic expression and self actualization in our work, our spiritual connection deepens, and we finally experience clarity around our deeper purpose in life.

I believe the woman who is in her body, honoring her worth, and living her values is magnetic. And from a place of connection to our power,  illuminating from the inside out, we can truly show up to our relationships, work and life in a meaningful, world-changing way.

Ready to rise up, show up, and take a stand for the life you desire?


Formal Bio


For the last 15 years, Jessie has studied and taught women’s wellbeing, transformation and leadership. Her holistic approach integrates ancient spirituality, healing & embodiment practices with modern psychology and mind-body science.

After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Spiritual Anthropology with a focus on Shamanism from the University of Wisconsin, Jessie received additional certifications as a Master Nutrition Therapist, Eating Psychology Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Massage Therapist. She also has advanced training in online business and feminine leadership. Jessie loves to help ambitious women come home to their body, honor their feminine wisdom in their life and work, and make a meaningful contribution in the world with their gifts.

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The winding road that got me here

Growing up, I was the quintessential high-achiever, an AP student with A grades, and an All-Conference athlete. On the outside, my life looked pretty great. But what few people knew was that I was secretly waging a war on my body and struggling with deep-rooted shame and low self-worth. By my junior year of high school my body had been run into the ground- by me, by others, by life. And then in May of my senior year, my Dad was given 3 months to live.

I didn’t know how to be in my body and feel the intensity of my feelings. So I numbed myself with food and alcohol, sedated myself with drugs, and isolated myself into deep despair and loneliness. I became incredibly depressed, struggled with paralyzing panic attacks, and my health spiraled out of control. I felt broken. And my life was consumed by a tireless quest to "find the fix."

Until one day when I made a decision to take a stand for my life and to start trusting myself. I delayed my next year of college and I bought a one way ticket to South America. I spent my time immersed in the wilderness, climbed massive mountains in the Andes, and volunteered in poverty-stricken communities throughout Argentina and Bolivia. I learned from incredible healers who taught me how to honor feminine wisdom. I realized I couldn’t heal a feminine hormonal imbalance with masculine approaches and I couldn’t keep approaching my life like it was a mountain to climb. I had to learn how to soften and surrender.

I began a journey of inner transformation to feel home in my body, moved by a deeper purpose, worthy of having the life I deeply craved and powerful enough to create it. Along the way, I healed PCOS, adrenal fatigue, disordered eating, anxiety and depression, I deepened my spiritual practice, I cultivated relationships of connection and intimacy, and I created a fulfilling business serving others with my healing journey. 

I realized that we have two options when we’re met with pain. We can see our pain as a doorway into our power, potential, and purpose. To answer the calling into a deeper relationship with ourselves and life. To step more fully into embodied leadership in order to make a meaningful contribution with our gifts. Or we can stay stuck on a never-ending merry go round of numbing out, checking out, and trying to find the quick fix.

I’ve tried both paths. But only one ultimately allowed me to create a fulfilling life and make a meaningful contribution in the world. I’ve learned the hard way that there are some things we just can’t do alone. Becoming fully ourselves requires mirroring, reflection, guidance and support. It would be my honor to hold space for you as you embrace your feminine wisdom to live and lead from your wholeness.


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