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Hi there! I’m Jessie, Certified Master Nutrition Therapist and Eating Psychology Practitioner

I help women who long for a life of deep connection and meaningful impact, but who hide out and hold themselves back because of a painful and hidden struggle with body, food, and weight.

Together we'll create the deep transformation for you to feel whole and home again in your body, reconnected to an unlimited source of clarity and power, and capable of overcoming the limiting beliefs, disempowering behaviors, and persistent symptoms that have held you back in the past from being fully here, fully alive, and fully on purpose.

I know from my own path to wellness and in helping women from all over the world to create a life they love and a body to match, that the way we do one thing is the way we do everything. When we transform our health and revolutionize the way we show up with ourselves, our relationships become more fulfilling, we unlock the potential for authentic expression and self actualization in our work, our spiritual connection deepens, and we finally experience clarity around our deeper purpose in life.

I believe the woman who is in her body, honoring her worth, and living her values is magnetic. And from a place of connection to our power, illuminating from the inside out, we can truly show up to our relationships, work and life in a meaningful, world-changing way.

Ready to finally release the physical and emotional weight in order to live your purpose?

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The Path That Led Me Here

In my senior year of high school, my Dad was diagnosed at the age of 47 with terminal brain cancer, and given 3 months to live. I didn’t know how to be in my body and feel the intensity of my feelings. So I numbed myself with food and isolated myself into deep despair and loneliness. I became incredibly depressed, struggled with paralyzing panic attacks, and my health spiraled out of control. I felt broken. And my life was consumed by a tireless quest to "find the fix."

But the more I inundated myself with information, dietary theories, and countless books on personal development and health, each one offering conflicting recommendations from the last - the more confused and disconnected I became from my own inner wisdom.  

And, all the while, I was literally waiting to live until I felt like I had my health and weight issues under control: waiting to meet a partner, to wear that sexy new dress, to finally pursue my life’s work…

I knew something had to change. And so I began a journey of inner transformation to feel home in my body, at peace with food, worthy of having the life I deeply craved and powerful enough to create it. Along the way, I healed PCOS, adrenal fatigue, disordered eating, anxiety and depression, I deepened my spiritual practice, I cultivated relationships of connection and intimacy, and I created a fulfilling business serving others with my healing journey.

With A LOT of trial and error, incredible mentors, and over a decade of professional training in nutrition, psychology and spirituality, I discovered a holistic framework that helped me to find peace in my body, pleasure with food, and presence and purpose in my life.

And I’d love to share that framework with you, so you can feel sexy, confident and at home in your body as you make a meaningful impact with this one wild and precious life you’ve been given.


Official Bio


Jessie Kuehn is an expert in Women’s Wellbeing + Transformation, teaching women around the world how to heal their relationship with food, awaken their feminine vitality, and live their lives with more presence and purpose.

After graduating with a Degree in Cultural Anthropology with a focus on Shamanism from the University of Wisconsin, Jessie went on to receive additional certifications as a Master Nutrition Therapist, Eating Psychology Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Massage Therapist. She has also travelled extensively around Central and South America learning about diverse healing traditions.

Her deeply transformational approach integrates ancient spirituality, healing & embodiment practices with modern psychology and mind-body science.