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Transformational Life + leadership Coaching for women

I work with clients in an intimate, deep, and highly customized way. I limit the number of clients I work with to ensure that I can give each client my unwavering presence, fierce reflection, and loving insight at every session.

I work with soulful, motivated women who are willing to show up, dig deep, and look inwards. Clients must be willing to commit to a daily personal practice during our time together.

How our sessions will unfold:

  • Together we’ll choose an area of focus and clarify your intention for what you’d like to create during our time together. You may want to:

    • Expand your impact and influence

    • Feel more at home in your body and radiate feminine vitality

    • Expand your prosperity

    • Discover and share your genius with confidence

    • Attract and create a loving partnership.

  • Next we’ll move through a series of inner shifts to create the conditions for your success. We’ll put personal practices in place for deep self-connection and inner nourishment. You’ll be able to tap back into a state of ecstatic aliveness, clear knowing, innate worthiness, and authentic confidence so you can show up in your life as the brilliant woman you are, everywhere and with everyone.

  • We’ll create the outer structures and inspired action in order for you to manifest your deepest desire, and we’ll explore how you can start to embody a new way of being in the world that is aligned with your highest vision.

  • Finally we’ll explore how you can begin to step more fully into impact and leadership from this deeply empowered place of embodiment to affect meaningful change in your family, community, and circles of influence.


INVESTMENT: $1500 for 3 Months or $550 / month

Includes 12 weekly hour-long phone coaching sessions for guidance, accountability, mirroring, reflection + support.

What Clients Are Saying

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